Author’s cheers” photo (admittedly not from 2021…)

Three years ago, I was deeply lost. The sale of my last company did not turn out the way I expected, then my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. I started my new company, Tokki, and Covid-19 immediately flattened us. Your narrative is probably not exactly the same as…

Times are hard. We’ve screwed up the climate and democracy in ways that are too complex to untangle in any satisfying amount of time. The Supreme Court is not going to protect us—in fact, it’s grabbing its guns and coming after us, too.

So it’s hard to remain hopeful, but…

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Parenting young children while entrepreneuring took everything I had, and then some. All my energy, love, creativity, intelligence, forgiveness, and friendship. Through trial and error and error, I managed to figure out a few things along the way, usually with the benefit of both sweat and tears. …

Author’s photo of Seoul Airport, immigrating from Korea to Canada, 1975. My parents were dressed up for the long trans Pacific flight. That’s me in the middle.

“You thinking I’m the liar?” my mother asked me as she showed me around her childhood home in Pangyo, South Korea on a hot and sticky July afternoon.

“Somehow it shrinking!” she marveled, scanning the site where she grew up with her parents, seven siblings, and the many cousins and…

Lily Qian for #StopAsianHate @Medium

Dear Mom,

I’m surprised to find that, in my middle age, I feel like I am failing you more than ever. These days, I can’t protect you enough.

I remember being five and wanting with every cell in my being to make you feel safe and seen. This was my…

Jane Park

Entrepreneur + Essayist. CEO of sustainable gifting company: Speaker, writer: Addicted to making meaning.

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