What I gained and what I lost

The summer after kindergarten, I went by “Hot Stuff.”

I was still “Hyo-Sung” when I woke up on the first morning of day camp to pull my favorite yellow T-shirt over my head. My mother had made sure it was washed the night before even though our portable washing machine…

A question that helps me see when I’m the one making myself needlessly busy

The old marketing adage that 50% of your money is wasted, you just don’t know which half, is doubly true about time. I know this because I used to flush half my time and energy down the toilet every day in the name of stressed-out entrepreneurship.

I thought this was…

In this specific increment, I find my strongest self

It’s been about eighteen months since lockdown first started. A year and a half. Not quite enough to repeat a full rotation of annual holidays but enough to settle into the rhythm of a wall calendar.

I love living in eighteen-month increments. It feels like I’ve finally landed on the…

After 20 years of raising children while working full-time, here’s what I’ve got

Parenting young children while entrepreneuring took everything I had, and then some. All my energy, love, creativity, intelligence, forgiveness, and friendship. Through trial and error and error, I managed to figure out a few things along the way, usually with the benefit of both sweat and tears. …

What sets some candidates head and shoulders above the rest?

Job seekers and students often ask me, “What do you look for when you are interviewing someone for a position?”

Over the course of my career, I’ve interviewed thousands of applicants for hundreds of roles. My favorite way to figure out if we’re going to be right to work together…

The promise of reentry is a dangerous lie

“You thinking I’m the liar?” my mother asked me as she showed me around her childhood home in Pangyo, South Korea on a hot and sticky July afternoon.

“Somehow it shrinking!” she marveled, scanning the site where she grew up with her parents, seven siblings, and the many cousins and…

Making meaning out of the hardest things

This summer, I teamed up with eight women (most of whom I’d never met before) to help give an extraordinary thirteen-year-old girl as extraordinary a death as we could muster with all our creativity, love, and alpha-female energy.

I didn’t know the full extent of what I was signing up…

When six Asian women were killed in Atlanta in March, the writer Jane Park felt an ache of concern that was all too familiar

Dear Mom,

I’m surprised to find that, in my middle age, I feel like I am failing you more than ever. These days, I can’t protect you enough.

I remember being five and wanting with every cell in my being to make you feel safe and seen. This was my…

It’s not: “Do you like it?”

I recently wrote a pilot TV script with a girlfriend of mine. Neither of us had ever done anything like this before. As I sent out the draft to a few trusted friends, I was about to type: “Do you think this is any good?”

But I stopped myself. Instead…

This Is Us

On anti-Asian hate, allyship, and protecting our moms and dads

Like many thoughtful humans, I’ve been overcome with rage as I witness story after story of Asian American elders being pushed, kicked, and slammed into the ground just because they had the audacity to walk to church. But as an Asian American immigrant, I also felt something more.

Bizarrely, even…

Jane Park

Entrepreneur + Essayist. CEO of sustainable gifting company: Speaker, writer: Addicted to making meaning.

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